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CameraView Designs provides website design and maintenance aimed at the small business or personal user. We specialized in a personal one on one design using your ideas to create the web presence you are looking for.
We've been designing and maintaining small business websites since 1998.  Currently we are maintaining not only, but, and We only design and maintain small websites tailored for small firms with limited budgets.
The following websites were originally designed and maintained by CameraView Designs (Point of Interest Designs): Chimney Shop, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, City of Bethany (Oklahoma), Merritt Law, Elite Pools, Route 66 Oklahoma.
These websites are either no longer online or have outgrown the services CameraView Designs can provide and are no longer associated with us.... We know when our customers need to move on...and that makes us happy, knowing we have done our job in creating a website that has grown and is successful.
Keep Oklahoma Beautiful has grown into a great looking website that Element Fusion has redesigned and is currently maintaining.
A typical website similar to  or averages about $500.  The home page will generally average $150 and initial setup that includes hosting setup and loading website to host server runs $100.
Hosting  typically runs less than $100 a year. Domain Name registration averages about $25 year.
Email us for more information and a quote.
CameraView Designs has in-house photography and digital darkroom capabilities.  Along with the photographic and artist services, CameraView Designs can provide specialized services that include creating web/computer based training for topics in digital darkroom, photography, color pencil drawings, telecommunication design and documentation.
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